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Gold Vintage Chains

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Gift Card
Gift Card Sale priceFrom $25.00
Gold Rope ChainGold Rope Chain
Gold Rope Chain Sale price$30.00
Gold Snake Chain
Gold Snake Chain Sale price$25.00
Sold outHerringbone Chain
Herringbone Chain Sale price$34.00
Silver Rope Chain
Silver Rope Chain Sale price$25.00
Silver Snake Chain
Silver Snake Chain Sale price$25.00
The Ada
The Ada Sale price$92.00
The Aria
The Aria Sale price$95.00
The AshThe Ash
The Ash Sale price$88.00
The AsherThe Asher
The Asher Sale price$110.00
The Austin (limited)
The Austin (limited) Sale price$114.00
The BThe B
The B Sale price$98.00
The Beau
The Beau Sale price$77.00
The BeccaThe Becca
The Becca Sale price$92.00
The CasablancaThe Casablanca
The Casablanca Sale price$110.00
The ChloeThe Chloe
The Chloe Sale price$94.00
Sold outThe ConstanceThe Constance
The Constance Sale price$138.00
Save $12.00The Cori
The Cori Sale price$73.00 Regular price$85.00
The Delilah (2 left)The Delilah (2 left)
The Delilah (2 left) Sale price$128.00
The ElizabethThe Elizabeth
The Elizabeth Sale price$88.00
The EllaThe Ella
The Ella Sale price$95.00
The ElleThe Elle
The Elle Sale price$45.00
The Elle XL
The Elle XL Sale price$55.00
The EvelynThe Evelyn
The Evelyn Sale price$108.00
Sold outThe FionaThe Fiona
The Fiona Sale price$62.00
The GemThe Gem
The Gem Sale price$128.00
The GG (2 left)The GG (2 left)
The GG (2 left) Sale price$93.00
The Gold (3 left)The Gold (3 left)
The Gold (3 left) Sale price$145.00
The Harlow
The Harlow Sale price$88.00
The IceThe Ice
The Ice Sale price$90.00
The IssaThe Issa
The Issa Sale price$115.00
The JadeThe Jade
The Jade Sale price$122.00
Sold outThe JamelleThe Jamelle
The Jamelle Sale price$58.00
The JeaneThe Jeane
The Jeane Sale price$85.00
The Jen MinisThe Jen Minis
The Jen Minis Sale price$130.00
The Jenni
The Jenni Sale price$118.00
The JuliThe Juli
The Juli Sale price$48.00
Sold outThe JuliaThe Julia
The Julia Sale price$90.00
The Kendall (2 left)The Kendall (2 left)
The Kendall (2 left) Sale price$110.00
The KhloeThe Khloe
The Khloe Sale price$85.00
The KleaThe Klea
The Klea Sale price$94.00
The KoralThe Koral
The Koral Sale price$115.00
Sold outThe KorinneThe Korinne
The Korinne Sale price$145.00
The KyleThe Kyle
The Kyle Sale price$28.00
The LafayetteThe Lafayette
The Lafayette Sale price$85.00
The Lafayette IIThe Lafayette II
The Lafayette II Sale price$90.00
The LanaThe Lana
The Lana Sale price$108.00
Sold outThe LaynaThe Layna
The Layna Sale price$95.00